Top Ten Artworks from Art Basel Miami Beach, Plus an Award for Best-Dressed

With all its skulls and sparkles, Art Basel is dangerously close to resembling an Ed Hardy T-shirt. Those were two big trends we saw at yesterday's Basel Vernissage as we gawked at 2,000 artists and weaved between celebrity land mines such as Isabella Rossellini and Michael Stipe. Thankfully, the fair's collective aesthetic was saved from meathead T-shirt territory by a smattering of life-sized dummie pieces, smart portraits, and giant braids.

All the VIPs were a little distracting, though, with their double-cheek kisses, linen suits, and fancy eye-glasses. Yet, there were stellar art pieces that rivaled the scene-y spectacles (e.g. a group of Japanese business men swarming a vulnerable Pharrell Williams). Here are our favorite pieces of art from Art Basel. For more, check the Art Basel slideshow

And here are some runner-ups:

Best-dressed goes to this fine woman in head-to-toe leopard print (even her shoes!). Maybe she's headed to the Cougar Convention tonight?

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