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Top Sex Scenes Shot in Miami

This is Miami. There's a level of gratuitous sex that's part of everyday life. Whether its bumping and grinding (and let's face it, dry humping) in a club or coming dangerously close to being groped by a frisky group of tranny street-walkers on the Metrorail, there's no escaping the lewd and lascivious. And who'd want to anyway? Actually, we think we should go in the other direction. Let's celebrate it. And to that end, we've compiled a list of movies shot in the Magic City that unequivocally say, we're from Miami and we are horny as hell.

Wild Things (1998)

A cornball film noir that had a little sex for every sexual taste. There was the Denise Richards bubbly-on-the-boobs shot for you straight guys, a Richards-on-Neve Campbell tongue lock in the Ransom Everglades pool for girl-on-girl fans, and a full frontal shot of Kevin Bacon for sausage lovers of all genders. As a sidenote, Wild Things was also some of Bill Murray's best work on screen.

The Specialist (1994)

A film from the annals of Miami film history that should be forgotten at all costs, except for that tawdry scene of Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone getting nasty in a shower. Stallone was a couple of decades past ever showing his rump on the silver screen but that didn't stop him. Stone was coming off Basic Instinct and Sliver, so flashing her goods was probably in her contract. A terrible movie, but a must see for any Miami cinephile.

Porky's (1983)

One of the first films of its kind, Porky's is a comedy entirely devoted to horndog teenage boys, which happened to resonate with the adults who look back kindly on their high school days. Think American Pie but rewind to the '50s and '60s (it was actually shot in the '80s). As you know if you read our Celluloid City posts, it was filmed at schools throughout Miami-Dade but one scene stands apart from the rest. A very young Kim Catrell, AKA Samantha Jones, gets noisy (OK, she howls) during coitus with a gym teacher in the locker room at Miami Senior High.

Body Heat (1981)

Another '80s flick but this one was directed by Lawrence Kasdan (The Big Chill). Disregard everything you know about Kathleen Turner in her current incarnation. She was a certifiable sex bomb as she traipsed about South Florida committing adultery at every turn.

Out of Sight (1998)

A truly underrated flick based on a book by Miami-loving Elmore Leonard, Out of Sight had chunks of scenes filmed in Miami (including that opening scene of a bank robbery on Brickell). There's some titillating chemistry between George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez, he the ex-con and she the flat foot on his tail, literally. The scene where Clooney and J-Lo get to know each other in the trunk of a getaway about building sexual tension. That's the kind of pillow talk we like.

Striptease (1996)

Based on Carl Hiaasen's book of the same name, the movie didn't do the novel justice, but it did give the world an excuse to see Demi Moore's rock-hard body gyrate, rather stiffly we must say, on a stripper pole and in front of a degenerate Congressman played by Florida's own Burt Reynolds.

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