Top Five Lists of Year-End Lists

Maybe it says something about the state of our society that we try to itemize, categorize, and generally make lists out of everything. What does it say? Not sure, but it can't be good. Don't get us wrong, here at Cultist we are among the most egregious offenders of the list onslaught, so we're not complaining. Not exactly anyway.

But if the lot of us are going to indulge in sweet bliss of conformity, we might as well serve as tour guides. And with the end of the year coming fast, here's a list, what else, on what culture related lists you can expect to see as the New Year approaches.

1.  Entertainers/Celebrities of the Year

There's always got to be a personality of the year, no matter what the

genre. Be it in politics, entertainment, sports, or any facet of the life expect lists of celebrities who made news for either good, bad,

funny, or sad moments. Don't forget lists of those celebrities who died

or came into prominence. Lately, reality stars are becoming the biggest

celebrities, so they'll be all over the lists. Not that we know anything

about that. If you want to participate in this chicanery you can vote

for celebrity of the year at E Online.

2.  Best Books of the Year

Okay, so maybe this one isn't as popular as we'd like. But you can

certainly find it if you try looking and let's face it you should be

looking. Amazon will certainly have one, they already did a mid-year

list. And even if their list is an obvious move to drum up sales, so what, we

all should be reading more (and, for the record, reading lists doesn't

count as reading). Also, check out The Economist's list ,

the New Yorker's list of best poetry books,

and of course the New York Times (after all they are the best-seller

experts). The Times list evens calls out Miami's own Patricia Engel for Vida.

3.  Fashion Trends

Everything you really need to know about fashion, you can find on our Street

Fashion posts. Even so,

there will be posts galore talking about what style trends dominated

2010. Oversized sunglasses, Ed Hardy shirts, fashion turbans, and other faux pas are

popular and so are good fashion trend lists. Check out these from Elle,, and

of course Vogue.

4. TV Moments of the Year

Whether it be the end of Lost, Kanye West's Taylor Swift attack, Conan's last show on NBC or his first on

TBS, Bill O'Reilly on the View, or every second of our favorite show Bad

Girls Club Miami,  big TV moment's are something we can't get enough

of. You should probably

be expecting some of our own entries into this category; we know how

much you love  those Bad Girls and Jersey Shore on South Beach.

5.  Resolutions

Unfortunately, every year has to end/start with annoying talk of

resolutions. Quit smoking, visit parents more, stop masturbating in

public, we've heard them all before but that won't stop dozens of lists

from appearing on resolutions. Every possible variation of resolutions

will be listed, including most popular resolution, toughest to keep, weirdest, and the most common ones made without any intention of

keeping. Here's our resolution for next year: more lists.

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Sebastian del Mármol