Top 10 Scream Trilogy Kills and Thrills

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With Scream 4 slicing its way into theaters this Friday, any red blooded horror fan will tell you this film has been a long time coming. From the first film's impact on 1990s horror, to the third movie breaking all the rules, we can't help but wonder: What else does Wes Craven have in store for Ghostface and his beloved Sidney Prescott? Who won't make it? What is the plot twist? Who are the killers? And, most importantly, will there even be a set of rules to follow, let alone break?

In celebration of this movie event, we're counting down the top 10 kills and thrills of the Scream Trilogy. It was hard to narrow down the list, but we had a little bit of help from a couple of knife wielding psychopaths and their unfortunate victims.

10. Cotton Weary Bites the Dust

Just when Cotton thinks he's gotten away without murder and moved onto

the trashy talk show circuit, Ghostface comes back with a vengeance in

the opening sequence of Scream 3. We guess that's what happens when you

live life on the edge, even after you're given a blatantly obvious

second chance.

9. I Think I Love You!

Cheesy? Sure. Romantic? As romantic as one can get in the middle of a

horror flick. With Sydney facing her impending doom for the second time

around, college boyfriend Derek gives one hell of a performance in the

school cafeteria during Scream 2. We didn't think his singing was bad

enough to commit murder, but apparently Ghostface disagreed since the

character was shot during the final act.

8. Principal Himbry's Demise

Any movie that is brave enough to kill off the Fonz certainly has guts. Literally.

7. Maureen Prescott Revelations

If it wasn't for Sidney's mother, Maureen Prescott, Ghostface wouldn't

exist. Billy Loomis wouldn't have gone insane, his mother wouldn't have

anyone to blame for her broken marriage, and Sidney wouldn't have had a

half brother that started it all. That's a lot of accomplishments for a

woman who's been dead from the start.

6. Where's Tatum?

Sidney's best friend in the first Scream film, Tatum is easily one of

the most memorable characters for her verbal jabs and, well, enhanced

upper body. What we can't figure out is how the party

didn't realize that she was missing -- until Sidney witnesses her failed

escape attempt through a doggy door. This visual certainly isn't for the

faint of heart.

5. Randy Becomes Victim

Fans of the series were beside themselves when Wes Craven killed off our

favorite video store employee and fear enhancing rule narrator Randy in

Scream 2. The rap correlation with the rocking van just fits the 1990s

so well that it's hard not to cite this death as unforgettable.

4. Deputy Dewey Boy

A character that wasn't supposed to make it past the first Scream film,

Deputy Dewey has become one of the most recognizable from the franchise.

His presence not only 'saves the day,' but also led to a real life

marriage (David Arquette and Courtney Cox) and the comic infusion that

the series certainly needed to balance out the brutality.

3. Stab... Literally

In the opening sequence from Scream 2, Wes Craven follows through with

his necessity for cameos and quickly kills off Jada Pinkett Smith and

Omar Epps within ten minutes. The best part is that they're taken out

during a screening for the film Stab, a take on the first movie's

Woodsboro Murders book written by Gale Weathers. It all ties in- we mean,

who wouldn't be interested after a couple of characters are stabbed in a

movie called Stab?

2. Randy's Rules

Looking back, Scream wouldn't have been the same without the rules. It's

that party scene where Randy explains his thoughts on the horror genre

that not only cements the franchise but also paves the way for other

scary movies to come. Now THAT'S impressive.  

1. Drew's Demise

When Drew Barrymore was cast in the original Scream, no one saw it

coming that she would be the first to die. It broke all the expected rules and Wes Craven officially set in motion

what would become one of the most successful horror franchises in

history. We know it made us think twice about answering the phone after


So we leave you with this: Scream 4 is in theaters this Friday. Check out the fourth installment, see if stands up to its

predecessors and maybe afterwards you can answer the most pertinent

Scream question there is: What's your favorite scary movie?

--Andrea Amanda Albin

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