When lies go bad.
When lies go bad.

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria: Latest High Profile Liars Guilty of Bad Fibbing

Little white ones. Big black whoppers. In between gray omissions or half truths. Everybody lies at one time or other, and most of us do so repeatedly. Heck, it's even a requirement for some jobs (politicians, actors, used car salesmen, etc.). There's no shame in it, or maybe there is.

But when you're in the public eye different rules apply. It's not that you can't lie. It's just that your lies are expected to be of a better quality. Take Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. The basketball stud and his desperate housewife are ending their marriage. No big deal, especially for celebs. But the couple looked downright silly when news broke of their ending nuptials and they vehemently denied it and then, just hours later, they fessed up. They learned a hard lesson--worse than being branded a liar, is being branded a bad liar.

But Tony and Eva are in good company when it comes to bad lying. Read on for a list very public lies that should have had more thought behind them.

5. Nick Saban.

Sticking in the world of sports the former Miami Dolphin head coach

turned into one of South Florida's biggest ever villains after he

repeatedly told anyone who would listen, "I will not be the next head

coach of Alabama," only for him to become the next head coach of

Alabama. The fact that he won a national championship last year with the

Crimson Tide only adds to the vitriol Miamians have for Nick Satan! It

was so bad it inspired the song and video compilation below .

4. Michael Jackson

We don't ordinarily go after the deceased (that's a lie) but Michael

strained even his miniscule credibility on too many occasions to ignore.

Not even counting his kiddie misadventures, we thought it was

particularly embarrassing when he told the world repeatedly that he had

only two surgeries, despite having a face that looked like mold for a cheap

Halloween mask. Making matters worse, sister Janet continued his lie posthumously to Oprah last week. Please, stop it. Let him and his

plastic surgery rest in peace.

3. Tiger Woods

Eldridge was an expert liar for many years, you have to be to carry on

so many affairs, but he and his ex- wife are guilty of a grand whopper of a

stupid lie when trying to explain what happened that night when Elin

went crazy with a golf club and Tiger ended up with a busted lip.

2. Gary Hart

Ok, so we're going back a bit for this doozy (and it doesn't compare to

Iraqi WMD's or even Slick Willy wetting his willy) but it deserves

mention for its sheer brazen stupidity. Former presidential candidate

Gary Hart dared the media to prove his rumored dalliances in the 1980s.

They took the challenge, photographed Gary heart to heart with Donna Rice

and poof, there went his presidential aspirations while simultaneously landing him the "Lie

Hall of Shame."

1. George Rekers

Maybe this one doesn't rank in terms of global importance but it sure

does in terms of bad form. George Rekers, one of America's most

prominent anti-gay activists and a Baptist ministers, claimed that he

utilized a gay escort as nothing more than a baggage handler after New

Times exposed his lying, gay loving, hypocrite-of-all -hypocrite ways. Well,

somebody's baggage was being handled, that's for sure, but not as

Rekers would have you think. We haven't heard much from Rekers lately,

and why would we? When you lie so badly, for so long, you learn to shut

up sooner or later.



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