Art Basel Miami Beach

Today's Best Basel Events

Is it possible to be exhausted by Art Basel before it even begins? While most fairs and parties haven't even opened yet (except for those annoying VIPs and press previews), yesterday might have been the unofficial start to this crazed week. Bruce Weber was at the Standard, and Calvin Klein and Ricky Martin were spotted at the Vanity Fair party at MOCA. And the question on everybody's lips and tweets - Will the free tattoo parlor at the Hello Kitty jam on Thursday offer real ink or that temporary shit?

Starting today, the highly anticipated events begin to open their doors to the general public - that's you. Art Basel, the real deal in the Convention Center, is only open to press and VIP today but you didn't care about going to that anyway, right? Leave that to us. We'll be posting a Best Of from the original art fair tomorrow. In the meantime, read on for the best Basel events to do today.

1. Jennifer Rubell, who once built a padded cell out of cotton-candy

bricks, is hosting Just Right, an interactive food installation at the

Rubell Collection. Basically, it's breakfast with a buffet of thousands

of bowls of porridge, sugar, raisins, and milk. Enter through the hole

in the courtyard and look for the empty house. We like a breakfast we have to hunt down.

2. While you're in the Wynwood/Design District area, check out Scope, which opens to

the public today at 11 a.m. Here, at the most internationally recognized

satellite fair, keep an eye for Quick Couture, a project of Miami

designer Karelle Levy.

3. Another highlight in today's events is the opening of O Cinema in

Wynwood. Come get a sneak peek of the art house theater before it

officials opens, watch a docx about Miami (Scissors and Glue), and enjoy a

Q&A with the filmmakers and cocktails on the patio.

4. Design Miami/, now located on the Beach next to the Convention Center,

also opens to the public today. Recharge at the Once Upon a Dream

installation with a comfy bed, a story, and flowing Veuve Clicquot.

5. Once fully rested (or buzzed), check out the Vice magazine party with Richard Kern's Ruckercorp

at Coco de Ville. There were rumors that the XX would be there, but

maybe they're just keeping it confusing to avoid a mob scene.

6. At an official Art Basel concert in Collins Park, see Canadian band

Metric at 10 p.m. Rock out in the beautiful outdoors while Emily Haines

sings "Buy this car to drive to work / Drive to work to pay for this car

/ Buy this car to drive to work / Drive to work / Buy this car to drive

to work." Though most of the Basel crowd has more trust fund worries and less

day job anxiety, right? Ugh.

If you haven't already, skim our complete list of Art Basel events here.

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Amanda McCorquodale