Art Basel Miami Beach

Today's Best Basel Events

How is everyone holding up? Eyesight blurring from too much art-looking? Ears aching from too much rocking? Art Basel festivities go through Sunday, so save some juice. Yesterday was a big day. Design Miami/ and Scope opened to the public. The fancy folk (including us) attended the Basel Vernissage (French for "We're open to VIPs"). Michael Stipe was there. O Cinema opened. We high-fived some folks featured in our People Issue. LCD Soundsystem played an invite-only show at the Raleigh, which a lot of you crashed. The rest of you were at Collins Park with Metric. Adrian Brody was spotted at the W Hotel. Peaches sat down at LIV and hinted about a secret show tonight. Ben Stiller walked by someone named Morgan. For a play-by-play of all things Basel, follow us on Twitter. And if you thought yesterday's event roster was unbelievable, take a Xanax, breathe, and then read about today's best Basel events.

1. Visit a mobile photo studio this morning, from 9 to 11 a.m. and get your picture taken at the Portrait Studio. You'll get a print to take home and your mug will be archived in a project cataloging Miami and the contemporary art world. 

2. The NDS Market at Nektar de Stagni shop officially opens today. It's a curated marketplace of Miami and international designers and artists. Have your Hanukkah/Christmas gifts yet? Support your local scene.

3. Scope Miami throws a party at Charcoal Studio tonight called The Night Event, with free Stoli Vodka and tunes from Afrobeta, Gamelatron, Ess & Emm, and four more. You can get in free if you RSVP here. You're welcome.

4. Nada opens to the general public today at 2 p.m. The free fair at the Deauville, put together by the New Art Dealer Alliance, is bound to be hipster chic. That's either a tease or a warning.

5. Art Basel opens for the plebes today. If you go, stop by the Fredic Snitzer booth (K-04) to see our cover boy Bert Rodriguez, who's signing his New Times bare-ass photos from 2 to 6 p.m. We're hoping Kim Kardashian stops by. Our world would implode.

6. Perry Farrell plays an invite-only show at Bardot. But considering the gate-crashing we heard about at last night's LCD Soundsystem show, we're going to recommend giving it a shot even if you're not on the bloody list.

7. Our friends west of Wynwood are moving east. OHWOW opens their mini art fair "It Ain't Fair" tonight at a new Design District location.

8. Start your squealing. The Hello Kitty party at Small Art Miami is tonight and (OMG!), their free tattoo parlor is doing real ink! Sweaty crowds, booze, and needles puncturing skin seem like they're asking for a healthcode violation, though, right?

9. Supposedly the guest list is already full, but tonight, Pharrell Williams is performing at the FriendsWithYou/Paper Magazine party. We say: guest list, smest mest.

As most events are ongoing, check our top events for yesterday as well as our complete Art Basel event guide.

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Amanda McCorquodale