Art Basel Miami Beach

Today's Best Basel Events

Art Basel, AKA "hipster spring break," continues. Your feet probably hurt, and you're nearing your saturation point for all this pretentiousness. We say, enjoy it while you can. Come Monday, we'll just be Miami again instead of the capital of the contemporary art world. It's so quick, it almost feels a little dirty.

Yesterday, based on unconfirmed Twitter chatter, Lady Gaga showed up at Basel, Sean Penn was at some hotel in South Beach, and members of Grizzly Bear wandered the Design District. Isabella Rossellini appeared at the Hello Kitty party, while you were all standing in line for free Sanrio tattoos. Perry Farrell sang over electro at Bardot, Peaches pranced around with a tranny, and Pharrell Williams rallied the crowd at FriendWithYou's Rainbow City. Last night might have felt like the Basel climax, but there's much more. Kanye West was caught tweeting that he'd be at Basel, but he didn't have anything to wear. We're sure he'll find something. Read on for today's best Basel-related events, which, gasp, even include some art.

1. Some of the coolest art we've seen so far is at the Seven Miami fair at N. Miami Avenue and 22nd Street. We'll be posting some highlights later today.

2. See murals by London Police, Revok, and Erik Otto at Graffiti Gone Global in Wynwood. They're showcasing their tags and designs in Dutch duo Haas & Hahn's large-scale sculptural installation, which resembles a Brazilian favela.

3. Keep an eye on Maria Builes's Twitter feed. Today she'll announce where her pop-up exhibit "Satiation" will take place. Look for a U-Haul, then peak inside. She's be jogging on a treadmill, wearing 60 lbs. of animal fat, while videos of fast food lunches screen around her.

4. If you missed the FriendsWithYou party last night, you can still enjoy Rainbow City through Sunday. The magical, inflated, and smiling creatures fill an empty lot next to Locust Projects.

5. Tonight, at the Wolfsonian, Isabella Rossellini will appear at a reception of Seduce Me, an exhibit of her animal porn videos and the elaborate paper sculptures used in them. If you didn't get one of the $1,000 tickets for tonight's reception, make sure you stop in to see the exhibit sometime this weekend when regular admission is a reasonable $7.

6. Notice anything different about Miami Beach? No, not the Pink Snails. We're talking about the beautiful video art of corals and jellyfish showing around town. Artificial Reef is the work of Coral Morphologic and tonight, they'll host a reception where local bands soundtrack their aquatic projections.

7. Also tonight, Shepard Fairy will be DJing at Taschen for the book party for Trespass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art.

8. In case you missed them at this year's Sweatstock, shoegazing, Sub Pop, L.A. band No Age will play Fountain Miami.

9. Matt & Kim will do a DJ set at Bardot.

10. There's also a super-secret art thing called The Island, which may or may not involve the Mondrian and wet feet. We're prohibited from saying anymore, but Google around and see if you can crack your way in.

As most events are ongoing, check our top events for yesterday as well as our complete Art Basel event guide. Also, see our guide for where to score the best Basel chow.

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Amanda McCorquodale