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TM Sisters Issue Halloween Costume Advice, Tease Space-Age Looks For "Beam Me Up" Party

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This upcoming weekend is the weekend. You know, as in the weekend wherein all your Halloween costume ideas and planning from the last month (or 24 hours) will come to fruition. It's go big or go home, folks. It's time to think outside the Party City box. Big Bird on a horse, holding a bayonet? Winner. Slutty variation of any Disney princess? Loser.

This Saturday, Supermarket Creative is hosting their seventh annual Halloween costume bash where creativity is always monetarily rewarded. The forward thinking team behind the event, including Veni Vidi Vici, Sweat Records, and Spinello Projects, will be transforming South Beach's Studio 743 for a "Beam Me Up" themed party--a mod and electro interpretation of the late 1960s that will take you back to the 'swinging space age' era.

Supermarket Creative owns their reputation for putting together one of the top costume fetes each year with fun quirks you won't likely find anywhere else. Take their vignette feature, for instance. This year's is a "Land on the Moon"-inspired vignette where guests will relish the opportunity to get photographed by Stian Roenning. Other photo ops include a photo backdrop illustrated by Jessy Nite.

The party will also feature "retro-galactic and futuristic live video, mixed with a Tron-like decorative installation" by Monica and Tasha Lopez De Victoria (better known as the TM Sisters) and curated by Anthony Spinello of Spinello Projects. Of course, it wouldn't be a Halloween party without cutting a rug. Music will be provided by DJs Ess & Emm, Mister Drake, Lolo, Bonnie Beats and The Kid. And as if it couldn't get any better, comped Dos Equis and Herradura cocktails will be on deck from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

All costumes are welcome, so don't worry if the one you've already master-minded is not exactly in the direction of a disco space cadet. Just make sure it's good enough to win big -- a $500 prize will be awarded to the most memorable costume of the night.

We chatted up the TM Sisters, who just so happen to be the winners of last year's 1888 Jack The Ripper/steampunk/Victorian edition of the event, for some tips and quips on outfitting yourself this Halloween.

New Times: Tell us some fun and creative tips for Halloween costumes.
Monica Lopez De Victoria: Make it yourself, that way you will be the only one in that costume. Look through your garage and glue hardware to your skin and clothes. Take the day off to build it on your body. Start collecting scrumptious scraps this whole week for a killer winning costume!

What are your personal favorite costumes of all time?
Monica: Tasha's California Raisin homemade costume when she was a little girl. She was so disappointed when Mr. Michelangelo Ninja Turtle said to 100 kids "Wow guys! Look at the amazing Trash Bag!"

What are some original costume ideas you've come up with?
Tasha: Someday I hope to see a sexy homeless lady costume.

What are you both going as this year to the party?
Tasha: That will be a surprise! We have a bunch of newly acquired Sheila Natasha retro spacey designed pieces. Maybe some of that will get worked into the look.

What should we expect at the party?
Monica: Radar-Beams, Robot battles, Space invading, Nebula zooming, power gliding, squirting, milky way slurping, armor shining sessions, floaty fluff creatures, oozey booozeys, and some galactic space debris pileups.

Any advice to those looking to win big in the contest this year?
Tasha: Go all out while staying in character, make a scene, and practice anti-gravity.

Beam Me Up Halloween bash is this Saturday, October 27 from 9p.m. to 3a.m. Tickets are $15 and $20 at the door. Studio 743, 743 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, 305-674-0600 or vist beammeup.ticketleap.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.