Time to Play What's Wrong With These Creepy Easter Cards

Happy almost Easter! But hang on, ever think what bunnies and eggs have to do with J.C.? Not a whole lot. Turns out a German professor in the 1600s wrote a tale about an Easter Bunny force feeding children eggs as a parable about gluttony. And before that, pagans offered colored eggs to their deities in fertility rites and well, bunnies became symbolic due to the old phrase "mate like rabbits." Now that you're paying attention to the actual details of this holiday, see if you can spot the differences in the below vintage Easter scenes. Happy anti-gluttony/make-some-babies day.

Read on for the answers and two more sets.

Set Two

Set Three

Changes to set 1:

• Boys hand moved to her crotch
• Boy has tongue out
• Drowning victim in water
• Rabbit bleeding from the mouth
• Rabbit receiving oral sex

Changes to set 2:
• Rabbit feces
• Rabbit missing ear
• Cocktail in hand
• Knife in sock
• Wearing fishnets
• Chick speared on umbrella

Changes to set 3:
• Footwear is switched
• Boy is wearing eye makeup
• Rabbit has laser eye
• Chick is dead in the grass
• Pile of feces in the egg basket
• Rabbit has an erection

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