Thursday's Best Art Basel Miami Beach 2011 Events

It's technically day one, but the madness has already begun. We've seen buck naked supervillains. We've seen flashy disco flooring. We've even seen photo evidence of Andy Warhol looking relatively normal. It's a lot to take in. Can you even handle any more Basel?

Of course you can, especially with so much more in store. So head to these events tonight -- and if you do reach the point of oversaturation, take comfort in the free drinks around every corner.

Fountain Art Fair: Face it -- the art on display during Art Basel is great and all, but you can't even breathe on most of it without ponying up serious dough. Fountain Art Fair is the exception; a weekend pass costs $15, and includes nightly musical performances like tonight's set by hip-hop legend Fab Five Freddy.

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Grolsch Happy Hour at NADA: Swingart Award winner Jiae Hwang will be signing the limited edition bottles of Grolsch sporting his design at 5 p.m. We're willing to bet it'll be pretty easy to get a cold one, too.

Born Under a Bad Sign: NeckFace's newest video, screening at the Gusman Center at 10:30 p.m., promises to be a freak show. It is, after all, the tale of a vengeful soldier of evil hunting for human prey. But hey -- there's just too much beauty in the world, isn't there?

refinery29's Debut at Cafeina: You've gotta admit, refinery29 chose the perfect time to launch the Miami edition of its fashion site -- just as the city's donning its wildest, wackiest (and sometimes most regrettable) duds. Expect to see them all here.

Mamushka's Art Basel Kick-off: Yeah, yeah, we know we told you to kick things off last night. But Mamushka's rounded up a ton of bands, from as far as South Africa and as close as around the corner, all for your partying enjoyment. Plus, with a cover of only $5, it's the cheapest kick-off in town.

Full Circle: Before They Were Famous: O Cinema's screening a documentary about Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana, based on newly revealed photos of the two taken in the early 1960s. It's a perfect pairing with a visit to Scope Miami, where the photos themselves are on display.

View our full Art Basel 2011 event listings here.

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