This Week's Day by Day Picks

Thursday, July 01

Hearing -- or is that seeing -- is believing at Miami-Dade Public Library (101 W. Flagler St.), at least if you're an artist who is participating in the exhibition "The Spectacle of Sound." In the auditorium, local painters, sculptors, and photographers who have been influenced by sound in some way will be showcasing their creations. If you feel compelled to rave loudly about the quality of the works, remember -- shhh! -- you're in a library. The show runs through Saturday, September 4. Admission is free. Call 305-275-2665.

Friday, July 02

During a sweltering Miami summer, the last thing you want to do is spend any more time outdoors than it takes to scamper from your house to your car to your office and back again. Even a canoe trip at the early hour of 8:30 a.m. guarantees gallons of sweat dripping off your brow. Best bet to get some aquatic activity into your life? Take the Deering Estate Moonlight Canoe Trip, taking off from the Deering Estate at Cutler (16701 SW 72nd Ave.) at 7:00 p.m. By the light of a full moon, a naturalist will lead you past mangroves (particularly stinky during hot days) and salt marsh areas on your way to Chicken Key, a seven-acre bird rookery one mile off the coast. Don't know how much you'll be able to see in the dark, but let us know if you encounter any Creature of the Black Lagoon-type monsters! The trip is open to adults and kids nine years old and up. Admission is $35. Call 305-235-1668, ext. 242, to reserve a spot.

Saturday, July 03

Curator/artist David Rohn promises high heels, lots of makeup, and some of the biggest hair you have ever seen during this month's installment of Surreal Saturdays. No, he's not promoting a Dolly Parton concert, just throwing a major multimedia dragstravaganza. Performing will be Adora, Marytrini, Las Divas del Jacuzzi, Ebony, Fernie-Q, Geraldine, and La Maroca, all among Miami's hottest drag superstars. Fabulous photographs by Ali, Dale Stine, Tom Franks, Ernesto Galan, Marlene de Lazaro, and Jamie Robinson will be exhibited. If that leaves you wanting more, the kooky sitcom Adora, Adora and drag beauty pageant Miss Lauderhill, 1998 will be screened too. Showtime is 9:00 p.m. at PS 742, 1165 SW Sixth St. Admission is $7.42. Call 305-324-0585.

Sunday, July 04

Daddy, who is that old man with the raspy voice and weird hair, singing those slow songs I've never heard? That's what your young kids might ask if you con them into accompanying you to the Rod Stewart concert going on tonight at 8:00 at the Sound Advice Amphitheatre (601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach). Kids under age fourteen will get in free with a paid adult, so it's worth dragging the whole family! Parents can enjoy the former sultan of spandex crooning standards in his new relaxed mode. Antsy kiddies will love the Fourth of July fireworks show. And everyone might get a kick out of seeing Rod's spiky locks ignite thanks to the possibly lethal combination of an errant Roman candle and way too many hair products. Tickets range from $33 to $96. Call 561-795-8883.

Monday, July 05

Getting in shape is something you promised yourself you'd do for the summer. So it's been summer for about two weeks now and you haven't lifted your butt off the couch once. HGTV reruns are doing nothing for your flabby physique. Maybe you should dance, which seems like it isn't really exercise but really is. But what kind of dance do you do? You can choose from ballet, jazz, hip-hop, or even pursue yoga and pilates if you take classes at Momentum Dance Company's studio (1200 West Ave., Miami Beach). An eight-week summer session is kicking off today. Registration costs $15 per family. Tuition varies from $64 for one lesson per week to $200 for unlimited classes; single classes cost $10 each. Call 305-858-7002.

Tuesday, July 05

For seven months in 1968 artist Pablo Picasso was a virtual printing machine, creating etchings, engravings, lithographs, linocuts, aquatints, and more. The 367 prints that resulted from that frenzied period were all about .... sex. Okay -- lust. (At age 87, we doubt Picasso was still a sex machine, but knowing the wily artist you never can tell.) Highly autobiographical in nature, more than 100 of the works depict mistresses, wives, and parents (hello, Dr. Freud?) mingled in circus scenes (hello, Ringling Bros.?). Another 100 or so portray the painter and his models. Others refer to Picasso himself and to the classic Spanish novel La Celestina. Sixty-seven sets of the prints exist, few of them complete. Picasso Suite 347, which opened at the Bass Museum of Art (2121 Park Ave., Miami Beach) almost two weeks ago, is one of five sets of artist's proofs signed in pencil by Picasso. Owned by the Spanish banking concern Bancaja, which claims the world's largest privately held collection of Picasso's graphic works, the collection is one of the first sets created. The show runs through Sunday, September 12. Admission is six dollars. Call 305-673-7530.

Wednesday, July 06

Wouldn't it be great if they took Office Space, the 1999 cult classic movie about the dehumanizing effects of working in big American corporations and getting sweet, sweet revenge ("Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler..." ), and set it to music? Well, we hope The Water Coolers, opening tonight at 8:00 at Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre (280 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables), will be nearly as amusing and on target. Billed as "a tribute to the stress, spontaneity, humor, struggle, and outright craziness that can be part of the average workday," the show features a series of vignettes filled with zany songs and comedic routines. Get ready for tunes about Palm Pilots and overtime. Hey, we have one: How about a song dealing with computer tech guys that take five hours to respond to your emergencies? The show closes Sunday, September 5. Tickets cost $35 on weeknights and $40 on Friday and Saturday nights. Call 305-444-9293.

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