This Weekend: Candace Bushnell, Drag Queens, Pogo Punk, Flo Rida, and Roller Derby


  • Got a week's worth of aggression pent up? Feel the release of watching someone else get their face pummeled at Friday's New Generation boxing and MMA contests at the Miami Beach Convention Center.
  • OK, so the Sex and the City movie wasn't half bad and we'd be lying if we didn't admit to succumbing to the TV series on a lonely Friday night. So if you're going to dangle the chance to hear Candace Bushnell read from Carrie's tween dairy, we're going to have to accept.
  • A drag queen performs in Miami Shores! It's really too wonderful to be true. The Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival has booked Miss Coco Peru for a one-night-only performance.
  • Local hardcore bands such as Unit Six, Hardware Youth, Routine Scheme, etc. will cover hits from punk legends at Friday's Pogo! night at Churchill's. If you need something to rage against in order to get your mid-80s pogo on, take one look at this:


  • The great thing about Saturdays is that you can start drinking during the day. What better place than our very own Brew at the Zoo. Dan Band (yes, those guys from The Hangover), Juke, and King Bee will perform and you will drink.

  • On Saturday, Flo Rida and Git Fresh

    help a downtown megaclub Nocturnal celebrate their fifth anniversary.

    Fifth...that's the wood and silverware anniversary, right? Considering

    the recent nightclub crime wave, it's probably best to leave all sharp

    objects at home.

  • 2Pac lives! At least for one more night as Meshaun Lebron Arnold takes his story onto the stage for Hip Hop Theater. The night also includes break dancing by Rudi Goblen and a tale of racial profiling by spoken word artist Summer Hill Séven.

  • Bet you didn't know that South Florida has its very own roller derby team - the Gold Coast Roller Grrls. See them go knee-pad-to-knee-pad with Jacksonville's New Jack City Rollers this Saturday night.


  • And on the seventh day, we rest. Check out the film salon in South

    Miami, Cineclub 24, for a screening of Sally Potter films. Our pick? Make

    sure to see Orlando, a sort of Mathew Barney meets Merchant Ivory film.

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