Think of a Cool Superpower, Win Free Tickets to The Sparrow

X-Ray vision. Super-human strength. The ability to read minds. Flying. And, the power to become invisible (especially, in the middle of tax season). We all wish we had superpowers. But we don't. And that sucks. Like any adolescent geek into comic books and superheroes, Cultist feels your pain. We figure you should at least get a reward for all that time you spent sitting around thinking if only...

Come up with an original superpower (hint: not one of the ones listed above), tell us about it, and you could win tickets to go see The Sparrow, (read our review here) a play about a high schooler who actually has superpowers, and some other hidden secrets. Read on for details.

To win, you need to visit the Cultist Facebook page

and leave a comment with a your badass superpower (remember, you must

first "Like" our Facebook page first, sorry those are the rules). We're

giving away two pairs of tickets for the 7:30 p.m. performance of the

Sparrow on Thursday (April 14) at the Arsht Center's Carnival Theater.


some inspiration? Check out these Ultra partygoers who came up with

some original ideas on their way to shows. If they could come up with

them on the "fly," inebriated, or otherwise incapacitated, then you

should be able to think of something better while sitting in front of a



pick a winner at random at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 12. The better the

superpower the better chance your answer will be selected "randomly."

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