The Ultimate Miami Girl Reality Show Offers $25,000 to Women Who "Embody" Miami, Whatever That Means

There are lots of stereotypes about Miami. We wear bathing suits to work, get our kicks on nose candy, and drive Lambos, right? And Miami females all look like supermodels, natch.

In the eyes of the rest of the country, these kinds of criteria are probably what makes for "The Ultimate Miami Girl." Now there's a new reality TV show that's out to find her -- whoever she is.

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The show, dubbed The Ultimate Miami Girl, is hosting an open casting call at Stage 305 (in the Magic City Casino) on December 9. Ladies between the ages of 21 and 35 are invited to audition for the chance to be named - you guessed it - "The Ultimate Miami Girl."

(As far as we can tell from the show's PR materials and the cringeworthy trailer above, this mythical girl wears too much makeup, skintight clubwear, and stilettos, so this should be easy. Hundreds of women who meet those requirements can be found loitering around Mansion at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night. But we digress.)

But what kind of criteria are we really talking? Show rep Jessica Philbrook tells Cultist, "The ultimate Miami girl is that person that embodies everything Miami is known for. From culture to beauty to fun to excitement to style - just really the girl who's gonna represent what people all around the world have come to know Miami for."

This is not a beauty contest, they emphasize.

The competition runs in three phases. One, the open casting call. Two, a series of contests where the girls will be judged based on style, personality and knowledge of Miami. They'll be able to garner support from online fans, live audience guests, and judges. The chick who gets the most votes from those three groups will win her round (and $1,000), then move on to the finals, where 10 girls will shack up in Miami Beach to compete for the title. The winner gets $25,000 -- and the resume-building title of "The Ultimate Miami Girl."

"Basically we're looking for someone to show charisma, style, personality - really so they stand out and just capture the attention of everyone. They have all the things I mentioned, the culture, the beauty, the style, all of it. It's not about looks, it's anyone who has all of those things and somebody who had the knowledge of Miami; who knows about Miami, has been around Miami and really just embraces everything about Miami," Philbrook adds.

While they can't disclose what the challenges will entail, Philbrook offers a glimpse at some of the categories.

"They're to get a better feel of their personality and display the characters that the ultimate Miami girl has -- if she's a good cook, knows how to throw a party, working on the job, where she's out doing charity work -- just all the realms of what that Miami girl will have in addition to the knowledge of Miami."

And the winner will get to live it up and experience the "fabulous Miami lifestyle."

Which, according to Philbrook, is: "Somebody that works hard, plays hard and is able to go out and take part in all of the fun lifestyle that Miami is known for but has their own thing going on and is a well rounded person. The beauty, brains, charisma everything. We expect girls that are surfers to yoga instructors to nightclub promoters, everything all of that lifestyle that Miami is known for."

So yeah. Don your best neon colored bikini and get ready to showcase your special skill set for the judges, girls. Do your city proud.

The open casting call for "The Ultimate Miami Girl" kicks off at noon at 450 NW 37th Avenue. Contestants should bring ID to the audition, and must live in the South Florida area. Visit UltimateMiamiGirl.com.

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