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The Top Ten Ways to Celebrate 4/20 in Miami

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Just cause Snoop Dogg says "smoke weed everyday," doesn't mean that some days are not more special than the rest.

4/20 is that day.

So roll up your five gram blunts, pack up your space bong, rewire your grandma's vaccum cleaner into a reverse polarity smoke machine, and prepare for the greatest day in all Burnlandia.

Here are the ten best ways to spend 4/20 in Miami.

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10. 1st Annual 420 NugFest Music & Arts Festival
Fusse Studios, 4:20 p.m.-2 a.m., $10

Have you seen the Nug Van ridin' through the streets of Miami? It's like the Bang Bus, if the Bang Bus had a PA system, was always full of smokey t-shirts, and nobody was getting fucked. Expect plenty of bass, food trucks, DJs, and art, featuring Ketchy Shuby, Llamabeats, the Sleepless Ent Dancers, DJ Tom Laroc, and the South Florida cannabis community getting turnt up.

9. Smoke N Spit Fest
Naomi's Garden, 6 p.m., $5

This island style oasis on the Upper Eastside is not only a hidden gem of culture, their kitchen cooks up some of the best Caribbean food in the city. The dread heavy villa often hosts open mic poetry, they feature an enclosed open air environment, and there's even a fire pit. Smoke and Spit Fest features music by Black Yeyo and Fifty Kaliba and is hosted by Reefah Red. This is a reaaaaalllllyy chill place to smoke, eat, and drink in the heart of the city.

8. Pablo Francisco
Miami Improv, 8:30 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. shows, $22 and two drink minimum

This guy is a hilarious weed lunatic looney tune. Don't eat tacos before the show; you might shit your pants from laughing so hard. He's toured here so many times he knows every coked out stripper's ass crack from South Beach to Perrine, and he's got a funny story about each one.

7. Small Press Night
Lester's, 8 p.m., free

Once upon a time in poetry there was a psychotic, frenetic, drug addled, wild, and free culture known as Beatnik. The movement was full of weed, bongos, funny hats, and spoken word. Though we can't guarantee that Nick Vagnoni, Krystal Languell, Caroline Cabrera, Dan Magers, Curtis Perdue, or O Miami Poetry Festival approve of such activity, we sure do. Bring a fat sac of sticky buds to this celebration of small publishers and turn the party out.

6. Day Trip to Coral Castle
$12-$15 (and well worth it)

This castle built singlehandedly by a 5-foot-tall Lithuanian for his underage bride who ditched him is our favorite place in the world to go get stoned. Nobody knows exactly how the little man moved tons and tons of pure coral rock from Homestead to where it now sits on US-1, but you should blaze a fat one, sit in the rocking chair, and try to figure it out at this one of a kind park and outdoor museum.

5. Drive In Movie
The Swap Shop, $7

What if we told you there's a magical attraction in Ft Lauderdale where you can sit in a car and watch a giant movie screen playing all the new releases while the sound pipes in through your radio, and that while dipping nachos with one hand, you can be burning the fattest spliff you ever rolled with the other? This beautiful place is called The Swap Shop, and it's got one of the few surviving drive-ins in America.

4. Blowfly at Tobacco Road 420 Fest
Starting at 6 p.m., $5-$10

Blowfly's classic 1970s albums on Miami's Weird World Records were a massive influence on some of the world's greatest potheads, like Snoop Dogg. Now see Uncle Luke's dirty uncle live, up close, and personal at one of Miami's greatest live music venues. And eat a Roadburger for fuck's sake. Tobacco Road makes a mean hamburger.

3. 4/20 Food Truck Fest
Magic City Casino, 5-10 p.m., free

OK, if there's one thing that tastes good when you're high, it's food, lots of it, all different kinds, and none of that awkward sittin' around you have to do in a stupid restaurant. The food truck is the world's most perfect means of delivering weeded out taste buds the culinary delights they hunger for, and they're rolling out in force tonight. Plus, if you're feelin' lucky, you can hit the slots after you eat.

2. Sweatstock
SWEAT Records, all day long, free

Ain't no party like a Little Haiti block party, cause a Little Haiti block party don't stop. Free Panther Coffee will keep your red eyes open for three stages of live bands, DJs, Speedfreaks, and noise heads, plus food trucks, German beer, and the 8th anniversary celebration of the best record store in all Miamiland.

1. Floatopia
South Pointe Park, 10 a.m. onward, free

Thousands of half naked floaters floating on the floaty waters of the finest beach in all America. Hell yeah. The ocean does make smoking difficult, but, hey, you'll figure it out.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.