The Top Ten Cosplays of Florida Supercon 2014

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5. and 4. Chell and Wheatley

This Chell and Wheatley (and PotatOS) make a great team., taking home an award at Friday night's masquerade cosplay/talent competition. This was the first Chell cosplayer I saw on the floor that took on Chell's longfall boots with this level of accuracy (with heelless sandals and craft foam for the "springs").

PotatOS proved you can get a pretty impressive facsimile from a couple of Styrofoam balls, masking tape, and a tap light. This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

3. Gundam

This hulking beast won Best in Show in Saturday's costume contest, and for good reason! It's one thing to make a gundam suit. It's another to make that fabrication so damn slick and smooth that there are no perceptible flaws. They couldn't get on the stage to accept the award due to the sheer size and weight--but they command the whole floor, and our attention, which is even better.

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Elisa Melendez