The Top Ten Cosplays of Florida Supercon 2014

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7. Game of Thrones group

This is an excellent way to get through some of your GoT withdrawal. You rarely see Beric Dondarrion, leader of the Brotherhood without Banners, in either cosplay or on the show, so that's nice. There's Jaime, always looking to lend a hand. Our poor, dearly departed Khal. Look at Petyr Baelish! So smug with his mockingbird sigil pin placed just so. And there's that Joffrey, with that crossbow. I wonder what it's like to cosplay someone so well, people's first reaction is, "Ugh. I hate you."

6. Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow

Iris proves that, if you want a kick-ass character to cosplay, Greek mythology works just as well as any modern-day TV show or comic book. This original creation is an interpretation of Iris, Greek goddess of the rainbow and the human connection to the heavens. Thanks, Wikipedia.

It's even better to see this costume in motion---here's a Vine of her flapping those wings backstage at the convention center. SO. COOL.

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Elisa Melendez