The Top Ten Cosplays of Florida Supercon 2014

Florida Supercon, the biggest geek party in South Florida, leveled up its venue this year, staging its biggest con ever at the Miami Beach Convention Center. And the cosplayers who attended followed suit, with creative character choices, serious attention to detail, and true immersion into their characters. Well played, everyone.

Here are our favorite characters from a truly epic weekend.

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Honorable Mention: Heisenberg

It's not a top ten list if it has 11 items, but we just couldn't leave this guy out. He is the danger. He is the one who knocks. He is AWESOME.

10. Cinderella

You might recognize this cosplayer (and her dimples) from her portrayal of Disney Princess Belle from this past Animate! Miami. She did not disappoint once again with an impeccably sewed dress and the acting skills to match. While some folks did a couple of simple poses on the cosplay competition runway, she adorably scurried off the stage and left her shoe behind, much to the delight of the judges.

9. Octodad

If you haven't played Octodad: Dadliest Catch yet, I highly recommend taking a break from this article to snag yourself a copy. This person knows what's up, gleefully embodying the titular octopus who's trying to blend in with his nuclear family without trying to let on that he's a cephalopod. Yes, that's actually the plot.

8. Lilith

The Borderlands video game universe is a graphic novel-inspired feast for the eyes, which makes this kind of dutiful replication equally fabulous. Everything from the gun construction, the wig shaping, and the make-up is an absolutely dead-on depiction of one of the most badass sirens in gaming.

7. Game of Thrones group

This is an excellent way to get through some of your GoT withdrawal. You rarely see Beric Dondarrion, leader of the Brotherhood without Banners, in either cosplay or on the show, so that's nice. There's Jaime, always looking to lend a hand. Our poor, dearly departed Khal. Look at Petyr Baelish! So smug with his mockingbird sigil pin placed just so. And there's that Joffrey, with that crossbow. I wonder what it's like to cosplay someone so well, people's first reaction is, "Ugh. I hate you."

6. Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow

Iris proves that, if you want a kick-ass character to cosplay, Greek mythology works just as well as any modern-day TV show or comic book. This original creation is an interpretation of Iris, Greek goddess of the rainbow and the human connection to the heavens. Thanks, Wikipedia.

It's even better to see this costume in motion---here's a Vine of her flapping those wings backstage at the convention center. SO. COOL.

5. and 4. Chell and Wheatley

This Chell and Wheatley (and PotatOS) make a great team., taking home an award at Friday night's masquerade cosplay/talent competition. This was the first Chell cosplayer I saw on the floor that took on Chell's longfall boots with this level of accuracy (with heelless sandals and craft foam for the "springs").

PotatOS proved you can get a pretty impressive facsimile from a couple of Styrofoam balls, masking tape, and a tap light. This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

3. Gundam

This hulking beast won Best in Show in Saturday's costume contest, and for good reason! It's one thing to make a gundam suit. It's another to make that fabrication so damn slick and smooth that there are no perceptible flaws. They couldn't get on the stage to accept the award due to the sheer size and weight--but they command the whole floor, and our attention, which is even better.

2. Wild Wild West

Between Dr. Loveless and his companion with the arm here, the whole ensemble took approximately a year to make. The motorized wheelchair is built from scratch. The wheels were once water pipes, sculpted to their current iron glory. He's actually pretty comfortable in that thing, sitting on a bicycle seat and kneeling on foam for hours of impressing congoers. Even more dazzling is their ability to turn that awful movie into something absolutely beautiful.

1. Halo Kitty

Winner of the con chair award handpicked by fearless leader Mike Broder himself, this character is pretty much everything we love about geekdom in one package: video games, animation, craftsmanship, "Oh my god, I WANT one of these," and an opportunity for a purrfectly well-placed pun.

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Elisa Melendez