The Time Newscast-Crashin' Rapper Lyrikill Met Leslie Nielsen

So on Tuesday afternoon we were hanging out with Riptide's new favorite rapper, live-TV-newscast crashing Lyrikill.com -- yes, his MC name is a domain -- outside of a Fort Lauderdale Walgreen's.

Why? Because that's where his "sound engineer and bodyguard," a rotund fellow named Doughboy, AKA King David, works. Duh...

Lyrikill.com had bought Taco Bell quesadillas for each of us, but both Riptide and Doughboy were stuffed, so the rapper, who resembles a Caucasian Lil Wayne sans face tattoos, laid the extra two quesadillas on the ground until he could figure out what to do with them.

That's when an amazing-looking mustard/beige 40s-era Bentley rolled into the parking lot, and who popped out but... spoof-film legend Leslie Nielsen. Looking a bit on the scrawny side, and not wearing umpires' gear, but it was him, all right. Apparently, he lives nearby.

Imagining Nielsen would be a fan of Lyrikill.com's nut-job antics, and sensing an opportunity to play matchmaker, we told the rapper: "You know what would be great for the story? Lyrikill.com offering a quesadilla to Leslie Nielsen."

Lyrkill.com was digging the idea, you could tell. So as Nielsen was about to walk through the automatic doors into the store, the rapper offered: "I love your movies, Leslie."

We think the quesadilla pitch would have come next, but Nielsen gave the strange-looking dreadlocked fellow in the neon orange Lyrikill.com sweatshirt and bright pink sneakers such a look of silent contempt, you might have thought he had asked him for half of his Naked Gun residuals.

"Damn," remarked the rejected rapper after Nielsen had disappeared into the store. "Leslie's not trying to talk to anybody today."

Nevertheless, in honor of this legendary outside-of-Walgreen's summit, we're presenting here the greatest hits of both Leslie Nielsen and Lyrikill, who recently uploaded some non-copyright-infringing material onto YouTube after his earlier videos had been removed.

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