The Ten People You'll See at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

As veterans of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, we've noticed a pattern forming: The same kinds of people are at every. Single. Show. How about a little variety, people? We love you, but we're always spotting the same faces.

We've compiled a list of the 10 personalities you'll spot all week during MBFWS. We love some of them. We love to hate others. (Reality stars are everywhere!)

Take a look: Do you fall under one of these categories?

The editrix
Okay, so you won't spot Anna Wintour on South Beach. But that doesn't mean that fashion editor heavyweights (or their minions who won the fashion department pool to fly to fashion week) aren't in attendance at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim. You'll spot them in the front row; they're characterized by either their head-to-toe black ensembles or their attempts at styling themselves like the pages of the glossy they work for. They're usually flying solo ... or huddled over their phones taking notes.

Fashion Bloggers
Why did that famous fashion editor get front row seating? Don't the organizers of these shows know that fashion blogs are where it's at these days? Totally tons of people re-pin bloggers' Pinterest pins and RT their gushing tweets, like, all the time. It's the future. Or something. You'll be able to spot them by their pristinely applied makeup and head-to-toe matching ensemble.

C- and D-List Celebs (Hello, Louis Aguirre!)
You know exactly who we're talking about. They're an anchor on a local TV show ... or they were on that one reality show. What was it called? (Umm, Basketball Wives?) Sometimes you'll even see a Kardashian. You'll spot them by the crowd of photographers snapping their photo, and the fact that they're usually in the front row.

Real Housewives of Miami
These women deserve their own category, because they've been sprouting up everywhere: Front row at shows, designing pieces, hell, they've even been on the runway. You can spot them by, well, looking at that photo.

Ladies Who Lunch
These women are a little older, but still love their daily dose of fashion (along with their botox shots). They've been going to these shows for years, and you'll spot them by their fancy suits and fascinator hats.

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