The Ten Most Hilarious Dog Costumes at Halloween on the Mile (Photos)

With this year's extended Halloween celebration (thanks to the mid-week nonsense), we're betting you saw more than your fill of sexy nurses, sexy cops and sexy Mitt Romneys. By now, even the most lecherous old man must be sick of such cliches.

But get sick of dogs in costume? Not possible.

These pups were entrants in last night's Halloween on the Mile Doggie Costume Contest, a join venture between the Coral Gables Museum and the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Gables residents and their precious pooches gathered in the museum's plaza, sipping "witches' brew" and chatting away about little Fido or Fluffy.

Canines took to the stage, strutting their stuff for the judges. It was almost too much cuteness to take.

So spend your first morning of November checking out 10 of these adorable canines in costume. You know you've got a few awwwwwws left in you.

Duuun-dun. Duuun-dun. Duuun-dun.

Bonus points for the "clown nose" on this pup.

Hey look, a cute fire wiener. (Not to be confused with these cute "fire wieners.".)

This fairy princess will grant you three wishes, as long as they all involve sniffing her butt.

Spider, meet bumblebee. Here's hoping Peter Parker's not allergic.

The sheer look of joy on this ladybug's face deserves a prize.

Someone's excited for Halloween! But, um, it doesn't appear to be this grimacing dog.

Who's the fairest of them all?


And here's our ride home. Thanks, pups!

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