The Ten Cutest Pin-Up Girls at Pinned Miami

Far from the reaches of the urban music chaos, there triumphed another festival last weekend, one new to the city: Pinned Miami. Buxom broads and soldier boys jived their way over to the three-day event to remember the good 'ole days when Coke was just a nickel and curly-cord land-lines were still very much alive and kickin'. The festival, paying homage to the style of rockabilly, pin up, vintage, burlesque, and tattoos, also brought forth a clamor of local vintage boutiques, make-up and hair parlors, and of course, some handsome chariots fit for any respectable T-Bird.

As peachy as all the old-school memorabilia was to gaze and marvel over, there were other aspects of the festival that provoked major involuntary droolage: the pin-up babes. Tatted rockabilly babes; pin-curled babes; pedal-pushin' babes; and high waisted everything babes. From all different shapes and sizes, the ladies put their best Mary Jane forward and came dolled up in some pretty spectacular polka-dotted sheath and swing dresses abound.

Due to the hardcore dedication of these dames getting into character, it was hard to whittle our list of best dressed down to just ten. Ladies, we salute you!

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10. Toned-and-Tatted

Marilyn Monroe stereotypes of being curvaceous and busty usually come to mind when thinking about the quintessential pin-up gal. But the truth is, pin-up gals come in all shapes and sizes. Take the rock-hard Miss Dahlia Rouge who flaunted a six-pack (well, three of which we can actually see), and hailed all the way from Tampa. Now, if only she had a red polka-dot handkerchief tied up around her perfect victory roll and flexed those guns of hers, while uttering the words "You can do it," she would have been the event's very own propaganda.

9. "Flirt with Disaster"

Don't be deceived by the sweet likes of that strawberry milkshake she's sippin' on. This curled-up cutie has a wild side to her and a certain proclivity for body art. "I only have seven," snickers Ana Maria Kiss about her tats. "This one says 'Flirt With Disaster'," she points down to her foot. But we predict by next year, the seemingly innocent dolly in the haltered swing dress, will have much more to add to her tally: "I would say I get two to three a year."

8. The Blonde Bombshell

No, Betty Grable did not come back from the dead. But she may have been reincarnated as Pinned's official spokesmodel, Olivia Jean. Brunettes, eat your heart out.

7. The Feisty Feline

Kathy Buenacosa's skin adhering getup conjures up the saying "lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets." The pearls and mini cornucopia of fruit on her head say lady, while the leopard, high-waisted pants and sleeve say, "let's back seat bingo, baby." It's the perfect contradiction. Though most of the girls who come to this kind of event admit to only dressing up in pin-up for the occasion, Kathy manages to look this sassy on a daily basis. "I'm like the weird, pin-up insurance agent that everybody stares at in the elevator," Kathy tells us.

6. Gingers Have More Fun

In her spare time, the redheaded chickie Valerie Wyndham models pin-up. But you would've never guessed that she also has a hand in professional wrestling. Though the thought of Valerie aggressively wrestling other sweaty, estrogen-enraged girls excites us, she handles the more civilized side of the ring. "I'm mainly a manager, a host, and announcer," she says, "I leave the other stuff to the guys." Sorry to shoot your lesbian fantasies to shit, boys.

5. Understated Eroticism

True, she's all covered up. But there's more to this vintage honey than meets the eye. "I'm out of Gainesville with the Burlesque troupe called Mischievous Madams," Stella O'Hare explains. The below-the-knee sheath dress, lace gloves, and calot hat could've fooled us.

4. The Long Lost Pink Lady

If Betty "Rizzo" really thinks she can claim leadership over the Pink Ladies, she's got another thing coming. At Pinned, we found the rightful heir to the Pink Ladies throne. And guess what? She's British. "I'm a part of the Terribly Girly pin-up studio, South Florida's original pin-up studio," London-proper native Aurora Natrix fills us in. "I'm their wardrobe stylist." Incidentally, she's just as good at taking clothes off the girls at the studio as she is dressing them up. "I'm also their burlesque instructor, too."

3. The Va-va-voom Twins

Packaged deals are so much better - especially if they're not afraid to expose a little somethin' somethin'. Proof: the purple coiffed baby with legs for days and the ultra feminine, bustin' beaut with the killer cherry corset. When we spotted model Miss Jenna Beth (left) and cabaret queen Angie Z (right), they were selling their racy prints to lonely boys from their booths at the event. But that wasn't the only thing at the event that they were giving up. "We're actually performing this evening at the Burlesque Showcase at 11:30pm." Beth then proceeded to lead us on: "There'll be a little of this," she said, coyly looking down to her own twins below her neck.

2. Pinned's Sweetheart

Miss Pin-Up America sure stirred up quite the frenzy of troops when she so bravely climbed aboard the militant jeep of the second infantry, trying oh so hard not to flash the drooling gaggle of lieutenants and young privates. "This dress was the very first outfit I ever bought for pin-up modeling," Samantha Sweets the Devoted Doll recalled while adjusting the hem of her turquoise printed dress. The cherry redhead later told us that she was a theater major when she decided to go into pin-up. That explains why she never broke character from all the eyelash batting and wrist-wrist-elbow-elbow action. What a natural.

1. Pin-Up Girl On the Go

"I'm a lover of vintage fashion," the dewy-skinned Lucia Sanchez told Cultist. Even though there was no sign of ass cheeks spilling out or smooched boobage, we couldn't help but notice just how authentic Lucia's canvas was; from the victory rolls right down to her blast-from-the-past luggage, she was giving all things vintage fab. We speculate that she was channeling her inner Pan Am jetsetter circa 1945. Run, girl! You'll miss your flight back to the 21st century.

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