The Ten Creepiest Paintings by Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy

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9. "Pogo in the Making"

Gacy used to dress up like a clown named "Pogo" and show up at kid's birthday parties. Fun fact: While most clowns customarily round the tips of their painted smile to look less maniacal, Gacy kept his nice and pointy.

8. "Dwarf's Baseball"

Nothing creepy about this little portrait of a Chicago Cubs batter playing baseball against the seven dwarfs, right? WRONG. Those signatures one the bottom include such Hall of Famers as Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, and Joe Dimaggio -- the work of dealer Stephen Koschal, who showed up at autograph conventions and of course never told the baseball greats what they were signing. Perverting our all-American heroes is, indeed, creepy.

7. "Handprint and Clowns"

Just try to look at that handprint without shuddering a little bit.​

6. "Lou Jacobs"

We needed a break from the overt creepiness. Look--if you didn't know this one was a Gacy, you'd think it was just a nice painting of a nice clown named Lou Jacobs.
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