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The Ten Best Ways to Spend a First Date in Miami

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8. Romeo's Café

2257 Coral Way, Miami. Call 305-859-2228 or visit

If the name didn't tip you off, be assured that his Shenandoah staple has all the ingredients for a romantic dinner. Romeo's has seating for only 58 guests and no menu, guaranteeing an intimate evening sprinkled with dim lighting, personal attention from the staff, and a no-stress ordering process. Chat with the server about your food likes and dislikes, and the chef will whip up a five-course meal to your liking. The cherry on top? Your in-the-know skills are sure to score you some bonus points from your date.

7. Ice Skating at the Scott Rakow Youth Center

2700 Sheridan Ave., Miami Beach. Call 305-673-7767 or visit

If you can't manage to hold your date's hand 30 minutes into this outing, please make sure to message us privately for a one-on-one consultation. Planning an afternoon at the Scott Rakow Youth Center's ice-skating rink is your chance to do over that bad high school date, sans the acne and braces. Get your heart rates going by skating to Top 40 hits, be goofy, and enjoy some laughs when you ungracefully hit the ice.

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