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The Ten Best Things To Do This Weekend in Miami

It's time to straighten up, Miami. Yes, this magical city is full of insane parties and pretty people to gawk at, but there's more to us than that. We are a city of dreamers, frequenting art-house cinemas so often they just keep popping up. We are a city of readers, despite what outsiders think, and have an upcoming massive book festival to prove it. More than that, we are a city of artists, with talented folks making this place a sight to behold long after the Basel trucks have packed up and moved on.

In what other city do all these activities merge, creating days of artsy, literary, boozy fun in one weekend? Well, plenty, but Miami does it like no other. Party on all cultured-like.

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  • Lil Jon at LIV: Get outta your mind.
  • Carlos Martiel, Sentence: Watch a renowned performance artist as he covers his naked body in a concrete-layered bedspread bolted to the sidewalk, where he'll stay until unable to do so. Street entertainment at its oddest.
  • Little Havana Art Walk: Avoid the Wynwood crowds and strut through Calle Ocho's galleries.

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Shelly Davidov

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