The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

Matt & Kim are back! The DWNTWN Miami Concert Series is still happening. Borscht 8 is tomorrow. New Found Glory came home.

Who said life after Basel was impossible?

One of the many beauties of the Magic City is that no matter what, there is always something to do. In the wake of the biggest arts festival of the year, we have countless things to do and see, and we didn't even have to ask for them. They just happen. Because Miami's awesome. And so are you. So get out and go do amazing things.

Here are the top ten:


Chris Cab: This is free, and Chris is awesome, so there are no excuses.

Matt & Kim: Don't worry kids, as of right now, it hasn't been canceled.

Bosh Film Festival: Boshy-boo ain't havin' it, but we'll take it.


Live Ultimate RUN South Beach: Miami is notorious for making the weekend both boozy and sensible.

Borscht 8: Shh... don't tell anyone, but we're dipping early from our company Christmas party to make it here.

Rich Medina: Rich + Bamby's Notorious Sex Kittens & Naughty Misfits = Yes.


Phins v Jags: At this point, you're a trooper if you're still proudly donning Phin colors.

Celebrity Petting Zoo: The celebs are groomed and tamed, don't worry.

New Found Glory: 90's adolescence anyone??? Way to take us back.

New Work Miami 2013: There's no time like the present... literally!

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