The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

It's a holiday weekend, and actually, we mean that in more ways than one.

A lot of people will be heading to church Sunday morning. Meanwhile, a lot of people will be higher than they've been all year. It's also time to celebrate wax, a music fan's favorite dying medium.

Besides all the special celebrations, there are tons of ways to get involved in the community, enjoy some music, or brush up on your literary skills. Here's what's cool to do in town this weekend.

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Easter Once you're done with church, head on over to one of the many brunches.

  • href="http://www.voiceplaces.com/miami/fairchild-tropical-botanic-garden-2438451-l" target="_blank">Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens
, Jungle Island, and South Beach Lady Charters are all getting in on the fun.

  • 4/20 Or just pop in a copy of Half Baked and do absolutely nothing, partner.
  • Griz with Michael Menert Once you're good and stoned, head out for some heady music.
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