The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend
Alex Broadwell

The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

El Heat are another step closer to a championship, which means that this weekend is for celebrating -- if you've managed to pull yourself out of that panic attack you were having during Wednesday night's deciding game. Our boys didn't get white hot until the very end, squeaking out a win over Brooklyn. And that was exciting, sure, but it also left the entire city of Miami with a minor stress disorder.

Luckily, it's the weekend, which means it's time to treat those symptoms with booze, music, art, and food. You want to be on top of your game when LeBron & co. return to the court, don't you?


  • A Night for Dave Daniels: The Churchill's Pub founder is stepping down. It's time to pay your respects.
  • Video Games Live: Culture nerds meet gamer nerds at the Arsht to play sweet music together.
  • Chef: Filmed in Miami, this movie by Jon Favreau shows how Cuban food inspires an L.A. man to live his best life. It's basically the story of Miami, and it opens today.
  • Karen Peterson and Dancers: Wheelchair-bound or no, these artists have way better moves than you.


The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend
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