The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

If everybody's working for the weekend, then these are the moments we live for. Thank goodness it's Friday, and with that comes another action-packed weekend of free and fancy events alike, because this city knows how to make the most of a couple days off.

While the rest of the country swarms our beaches on Spring Break, we're wrapping up an international film festival and dancing in funny costumes. A Motown legend is coming to town, and you have the chance to catch up on all the Wes Anderson films you've already seen. Plus, break out the green beer, cheer on your champions, and much more.

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  • Miami International Film Festival It's the final weekend of Miami's greatest film event of the year. Catch the madness before it's gone, and check our guide of must-sees.
  • Petite Fashion Week Why should tall girls get all the fun? This is a celebration of clothes for the smaller statures.
  • Superhero Party Um, did Grand Central just say they were letting the cosplayers on the dance floor? Come groove as your favorite hero!


  • St. Patrick's Day Weekend Kickoff The Irish have a beautiful culture, but you don't have to know anything about it to drink like you do. Check our list of things to do.
  • L'amico FritzUnlike modern rom coms, this Italian opera is the sort of thing you don't have to hide your love for.
  • Wes Anderson Retrospective In honor of The Grand Budapest Hotel, you can watch the beloved and quirky director's catalogue for free. Runs through Sunday.
  • Brazil Foundation Gala Come get fancy and rub elbows with celebs, all while helping raise funds for a good cause.


  • Smokey Robinson Come see the master of Motown and hear all your favorites from "Cruisin'" to "My Girl."
  • Gables Bike Tour Hit the road without blowing smoke and get some exercise in a beautiful setting. There's free barbecue at the end, too.
  • Miami Heat vs. Houston Rockets Cheer on your champions and support them on their run for the three-peat!

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