The Ten Best Things to Do In Miami This Weekend


It's the weekend! Turn to your left and tell your neighbor!

We're not sure about the rest of y'all, but this week was comparable to hell. Man, was it rough. But the good news is we're coming out of it swinging (and swaying, and shimmying... because that's what we Miamians do).

There's a whole bunch of stuff lined up for this weekend. We've got a couple music-related things, then a couple artsy-fartsy-related things, and then some sports and general debauchery. Something for everyone.

Anyway, raise your glass (of OJ, or mug of coffee, or flask of vodka) and cheers to the weekend, guys.



Idle Warship with Talib Kweli and Res: Hip hop, electro rap, and a 9-piece orchestra. Yes.

Congorock: How do you say "sexy Italian DJ behind sexy electro music" in Italian?


Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure: Run, walk, or race. Either way, it's for a boobylicious cause.

South Florida Zombie Crawl: But, really. Who ever said the undead weren't lively folk?

UM vs. FSU: Bring the vaseline.

Birthday Party: Well hot damn! We're never ones to turn down a celebration.

Space Between Worlds: You should probably work on lessening the space between you and Space Between Worlds. Just a thought.


R. Kelly: He may be a freak, but R. Kelly's music was a huge deal when we were kiddies.

Pablo Cano: The Toy Box: At first glance, it looks like a puppet show. But if you take another gander, you'll see it's about a scandalous love triangle.

Edible Garden Festival: Polish your inner locavore.

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