The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

Yesterday, our boss thought it would be a good idea to take us all out for dranks. Two important things became very apparent after our third beer and second shot of whiskey: Boss Man is great; Boss Man is cruel, because while we're all out having a great time, kickin' it with our colleagues at the bar, we're still expected to be fully functional bright and early the next day.

Ohhhhhhh the cruelty.

Needless to say our foggy memory does flash back to jumping fences in Wynwood to get to our cars in the parking lot. Whoops!

Here are the ten best things to do this weekend, Miami. May you have as much fun in two days as we have writing for you guys in five.


Giants In the City: It's like the adult version of a bounce house.

Grow the Revolution: Move it Monsanto. This film is gonna show everyone how to do things on their own.

Local Flavor from Coast to Coast Fest: A fantastic food function where proceeds help the World Hunger Foundation. Now that's a Friday night.

Alkaholiks: Cali boys bringing west coast beats to the east.


Locos Por Juana: Are you loco for Locos Por Juana like we are?

Flugtag: Take LOTS of water and sunscreen! It's an annual fun time.

Shameless Burlesque: These girls will definitely make you blush.

Michael Brun: He left behind med school for his tracks. Clearly, he takes his shit seriously.


BK Fun Run: Contrary to popular belief, the BK Lounge can promote health and fitness.

Dolphins v. Falcons: Will the Dolphins make the third win?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.