The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

In the weeks leading up to Art Basel, Miami turns in its stilettos, and trades them in for cute flats, a pencil skirt and an easy up-do.

We go from South Beach Hot to Wynwood Chic -- and we haven't even begun yet.

This weekend we've got loads more artsy things to do, and expect to see a flood's worth more as the days go on.

Miami Book Fair International is in town, so, not only can you feel artistically-inclined, you can also show off your literary brain-power.

Smart is sexy.


Serrat and Sabina: Two of the most celebrated Iberian singer-songwriters in history!

NASCAR's Ford Championship Weekend: Who said Miami can't do NASCAR?

Free Fridays: It's free. That is all.


100 Year Anniversary Party: Our favorite centenarian!

Is that a Word? David Bukszpan on From AA to ZZZ, the Weird and Wonderful Language of Scrabble: Believe it or not, "pyx" is a word in Scrabble.

Regina Spektor: Show Regi what Miami's all about, y'all.

Miami Book Fair International: Miami is, in fact, quite the literary city.


Ivan Navarro: Fluorescent Light Sculptures: Enjoyable to the non-artsy-fartsy, also.

Comics and Social Change: This is free, and will make you feel intelligent.

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