The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

Thanks to all the rain this week, we got to do little more than go from home to work and back all week.


And now there's some storm brewing out in the oceans, and we're all, ugh, but, what about my hair?

LOL, JK. Kind of. Anyway, it's supposed to be nice this weekend so hopefully we can get our tan on during the day and then hit up one of the many nightly events taking place.

Here are the ten best things to do this weekend, Miami. Hope you waxed!


Julieta Venegas: One of my favorite artists ever. Take your Limon y Sal.

III Points Festival: We've been waiting for months and months and it's finally here!

Young Turks BBQ: Bites by Gigi and beats by Young Turks acts.


5k Walk/Run for Haiti: No good deed goes unnoticed.

Brickell Octoberfest: I hope your lederhosen is pressed and starched!

UM V. Georgia Tech: Swat a fly.

80s Flashback Fest: Bust out your shoulder pads and side pony-tails.

DFA BBQ: Yachts & hoes. JK, there won't be any hoes. Well, maybe. This is Miami. Whatever, it's just a Boats & Hoes joke.


Dolphins V. Ravens: Ravens need some D.

Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Fest: Is it pumpkin season already?

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