The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

Show of hands -- how many of you didn't get washed away by the treacherous storms last night? We're pretty surprised we didn't lose power, but the windows sure felt like they were gonna blow in. Oh, Miami. You're so cute, so pretty. But, girl, when you go apeshit with storms, it makes us feel like we have no hope for fun on the weekend.

Good thing we know better.

Here now are the ten best things to do this weekend -- because we'd have to revoke our 305 card if we didn't know how to handle a little rain (and thunder and lightening and tornado warnings and such). Pshh.


Bajofondo Argentine and Uruguayan Afrobeats. We could live with that!

Hoodie Allen: Five times better than Woody Allen and far easier on the ears.

Miami Dance Festival: Admire the body you wish you had. Le sigh.

First Friday Art Walk: In case you can't make it to Second Saturday.


ForgiatoFest: Makes your insides go vroooom.

PhilanthroFest: Put down the remote and do something to benefit others!

New Times Beerfest: One hundred beers. Music. Food. Games. Done and done.


Sushi Showdown: The next best thing to watching Jiro in a wrestling match with a yellowfin tuna.

Bluegrass Jam: We secretly love bluegrass, but don't tell anyone.

"Describing Labor": It wouldn't be called work if it were easy, now would it?

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.