The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami this Weekend

This morning we walked out of our house to walk the dog and it was kind of chilly. WTF. Is it fall already?

What's poppin', Miami? We can't wait to get the weekend started with you. We've got the Weeknd here in our fair city, and we've also got Bricktoberfest and Cluck. Basically it's action-packed with things to do to get your mind off all your stresses.

The other day we had a conversation with a coworker who's all stressed about everything and all we had to say was "relax," because the next few days are ours and there's nothing stressful about that.


Cluck Miami: Nothing goes wrong when fried chicken and champagne are under the same roof.

Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck: California boys

Afrobeta: Miami's in-house uhntz-uhntzers.


Bricktoberfest: Hope you've got your lederhosen ready!

Reggae Fall Fest: All-you-can-eat BBQ and lots of praise for Jah.

The Weeknd: Everyone on Facebook and Twitter is talking about how excited they are for this show.

Calvin Harris: Lives at LIV.


"Prismavolt": "A rainbow-bright spectacle of refracted light patterns."

"Love of Technology": How much do you love your iPhone?

Songs of the Prophet: The comic aftermath of tragedy.

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