The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

The funny thing about weekdays is that they act like intangible shackles on our limbs. Because we know we have work and school and responsibilities the next day, we're less likely to go out and have fun. It's like our own form of self-induced punishment. But unless you still live with Ma and she checks to make sure you're in bed by ten every night, what's really stopping you from having just as much fun during the week as you do during the weekend?


While you readdress how you live your life, here are the best things to do this weekend, Miami. Allow this to be your muse for the week to come.


Dancing on Pinochet's Grave: Free, historical, enlightening, and fun.

Cedric Gervais: Leave Molly at home, and kick it with Gervais' sick set.


Florida Soccer Expo: If not for the love of the game, for the love of soccer guys. Swoon.

Artwalk: We'll be there checking this out.

Kaskade: The world's favorite Church of the Latter Day Saint DJ.

GLAdiator: "Are you not entertained?" Nope, you definitely will be.

Steve Angello: The man's taking time away from his daughter to be at LIV. Go out and see him.

Miami Fashion Film Festival: Note: A sense of fashion is not required to attend the festival.


Depeche Mode: Heroin addictions, tumors, and seizures aside, Depeche Mode plans to take you back to the days.

Greater Tuna: Cultural stereotypes from the fictional town of Tuna, Texas. Absolutely.

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