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The Ten Best Skyscrapers in Miami

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6. 50 Biscayne
50 Biscayne Blvd., Sieger Suarez Architectural Partnership, Inc. and Rockwell Group, Inc.

You know that building with the squiggly red neon light, the one that's always in the cutaway shots on TV during Miami Heat home games when the Coach Spo calls for a time out? This is it. Occupying a whole city block across the street from Bayfront Park, 50 Biscayne puts Miami Modern architectural style on full display with a curvaceous red exclamation point that pays homage to the waters of Bay at its feet and a color scheme along the facade that seems simultaneously loud and tasteful -- a perfect pairing for Miami. The building stands on the same ground where The Hotel McAllister once stood as one of the most famous buildings of our town's infant years as a metropolitan city; at 10 stories, the McAllister was the tallest building in Miami from 1917 until the construction of the Freedom Tower in 1926.

5. Blue and Green Diamond
4779 Collins Ave., Robert M. Swedroe Architects

Ahhh, Millionaire's Row -- where rich kids in supercars drag race along Indian Creek and taxis linger by the dozen waiting hungrily for the big fare trying to make their way home from LIV. But far above all the commotion, perched quietly on top of two perfectly identical white towers, these pyramids are glowing through the night. The Blue and Green Diamond, which finished construction in 2000, can be seen from as far north as Bal Harbor and as far south as Fisher Island. The 5,600 square foot pyramids that cap the buildings -- engineered by Starnet International Corporation and constructed of a series of white metal pipes that give them the image of pristinely faceted diamonds -- make up the tallest and brightest points before Sunny Isles.

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