The Ten Best Golden Girls Artworks

The Golden Girls has been off the air since 1992, but this show about four women in their golden years remains fresh as ever. All that sharp, sassy, and sometimes crass as hell comedy keeps delighting audiences through reruns on TVLand, Hallmark, and YouTube. And as fictional residents of Miami, they hold a special place in our hearts.

Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose have inspired memes, Halloween costumes, endless swag, and even baby names. Some more creative fans, however, are determined to keep these besties alive through their art. From depraved depictions to cutesy tributes, here’s a collection of the most memorable artwork inspired by the iconic confidants.

10. Mutant madam

Look at the joy on Dorothy’s face as she crushes this fool! You’re no match for those man hands, Wolverine.

 9. Justice League of Miami

Earrings, red lips, and boob sag for days. Bless you, Trevor Wayne

8. Bea afraid

It was only a matter of time before Dorothy went samurai on Stan’s ass.

7. Bow down, bitches

Pop Surrealist Sam Carter does homage to the swagger of Dorothy with his work, Birth of Zbornak.

6. Golden eggs

World famous artist John Lamouranne, AKA "The Egg Man,” brightened the world with these gems

5. Like a boss

Mural, scenic, and tattoo artist Matthew Powell brings out the inner gangsta in Rose.

4. Burlesque babes

For those who like this bunch with a little BDSM and boob tassles. Thanks, Doe Lynn!

3. Ghoulish gals

We have master of the macabre artist Chuck Hodi to thank for these zombie-esque portraits. 

2. Golden Seals

This ink and woodcut creation by Jing Wei is cute, odd, and deserves endless seal claps.

1. Ridin’ dirty

Cross-medium artist Richard Weinstein penned this badass, Hulk-ed out illustration. Cue the metal remix of that theme song.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.