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The Real Housewives of Miami, Episode 11: Elaine Lancaster, Thomas Kramer, Oh Drama!

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We begin with wine time with Lea Black and Elsa Patton. Now that we think of it, Wine Time with Mama Elsa would be an amazing spinoff series. Bravo producers, call us!

Lea does her best to explain to her favorite Cuban mother how and why she should like Elaine. Yeah, that wasn't happening. So they kept the wine coming; just what we like to see.

As if this episode of Real Housewives wasn't packed full of socialites already, they bring Lisa Pliner into the mix. Lisa's another lady we've spent a couple nights with, and girl is a blast in a glass (which, by the way, is our favorite kind of friend). We meet up with Lady Pliner at her gaudy Star Island home made for a Saudai Arabian prince. The ladies start the day with the intention of chatting about shoes and swiging back drinks. Let's just say that didn't last too long.

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