The Pimp Show is M.I.A.

The rumors started Friday in cyberspace, swirled throughout the weekend and by Monday morning, had reached a crescendo: what's happened to DJ Laz and his morning Pimp Show on Power 96?

The show wasn't on the air Monday morning. And listeners heard other Power 96 jocks issue vague apologies that Laz and his crew were through.

Did Laz cross a line and piss off the FCC? Has he been fired, or merely suspended? Or, is this all a ratings publicity stunt?

Calls to the station's operations manager weren't returned on Monday. Laz' attorney, Richard Wolfe, said he knew nothing and couldn't reach the DJ. Friends said Laz' cell phone mailbox was full and he wasn't answering e-mails.

Over at Laz' MySpace page, fans guessed the reason. "R you guys in sum kind of heat or something," one person wrote. Others were concerned that their favorite jock is gone for good: "I DEMAND FOR THE MORNING SHOW!!! WTF????"

Click here to read an interesting biography of Laz, who was born in Hollywood, Fla.

Update: By 5 p.m. Monday the station was running a taped message saying Laz was taken off the air after an "unfortunate incident" and would be back Tuesday. The claim: listender demand made them do it.


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