The Overthrow and Greg Mike Get Drunk, Black Out, and Make a Baby

Magical alcoholic elixirs have long played a big part in procreation. It all starts out innocently enough: People get tipsy, then a few irresponsible decisions are made, and nine months later a litter of babies is born.

Roughly a month ago, local collective the Overthrow and Atlanta artist Greg Mike had one of those classically sloppy, booze-soaked, super-productive encounters. "After club-hopping and drink-spilling, an idea began to emerge," the Overthrow's Sam Baum explains. "The idea was then forgotten and we recovered what we could based on poorly spelled text messages and semi-nude twit pics."

And now, after an unnaturally short gestation period, the Overthrow x Greg Mike baby is here. And it's a t-shirt.

Just whose DNA dominates is uncertain, but Baum is already a daddy on the defensive, explaining his kid's bad behavior: "That is one of Greg Mike's loudmouth cokeheads. He just sacrificed his first offering to the elder party gods and he's adjusting to the rush of cosmic knowledge. Or someone slipped something into his drink."

So, wild and possibly wasted, this litter is a very rare breed. There are only 40 in all, with ATL and MIA splitting custody. Don't miss out ... Head quick to the Shoe Gallery (244 NE 1st Ave., Miami), fill out the proper forms, give some blood, pay 25 bucks, and adopt a cokehead. These babies need a good home.

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