The Mermelstein Files: The Former Smuggler's Last Will and Testament, Filed Under an Alias

This week, New Times published "I, Max," a feature story revealing what became of former Medellin Cartel master-smuggler Max Mermelstein after he decided to cooperate with feds and entered the Witness Protection Program. We've obtained documents, many of them never before published, related to the underground informant.

Max Mermelstein died on August 12, 2008 in Frankfort, Kentucky, under an invented identity. His last will and testament, filed under that alias, is below and after the jump. Names and certain dates have been redacted by Riptide to protect members of his family.

This is the humble estate of a former smuggler who once imported 56 tons of cocaine into this country, sending back on return flights to the Cartel more than $300 million to be laundered.

Max Will 1

Max Will 2
Max Will 3

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