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The Man Repeller, Our Fashion Blogger Girl-Crush, Comes to Miami

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I'm not sure when I first started dressing for myself, but I do remember instances that, like puzzle pieces, all seem to make sense when you put them together.

Here's one: I was in 7th grade. The seventies were spontaneously (albeit briefly) brought back to 1997. Those white, chunky Flower Child platforms I purchased at Bakers were all I would wear. The fact that I was always the shortest person in my class may have had something to do with the infatuation I had with those clunkers, but man did I get glared at and sized at school. The funny thing is...I didn't want to take them off. Even if our class's Jake Ryan look-alike would never bat an eye at me. Ever.

Today, I'm glad to admit I still dress for myself. 

I'm even more glad we have style bloggers like Leandra Medine, leading the pack of the fashion fearless. Author of the blog The Man Repeller, Leandra is a girl to whom proud, shoulder-pad wearing girls out there can all relate.

I've never been one for fashion blogs. With the exception of a few,

they're a yawn fest, and they all seem to have narcissistic motives.

But The Man Repeller is a different story. Her hilarious musings coupled

with her unpretentious charm make for an addicting addition to your

bookmarks list.

In a world where Kim Kardashian clad in the latest Herve Ledger

bandage dress sets the standard for sexy, it's hard for girls to wear

what they really want rather than what is atheistically pleasing to the


This is what led 22-year-old Leandra to break the rules and start a

blog coining the latest verb in fashion, man-repelling. What's

man-repelling, you ask? Well, for starters, it has nothing to do with a

type of repellent a girl sprays on in order to enjoy a night out on the

town without getting hit on. No, no, no. In her words, man-repelling is

defined as "outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will

result in repelling members of the opposite sex."

Her philosophy is simple. Dress for yourself and yourself only (sorry, fellas).

Style choices that offend the delicate sensibilities of the opposite

sex--which she has dubbed "sartorial contraceptives"--are embraced,

encouraged, and worn with grace in the world of Ms. Medine. Bow-ties,

tent-shaped dresses, harem pants similar to MC Hammer's former infamous

get-up...you name it. Her blog celebrates all the fashion trends and

sexually unappealing garments women sincerely vie for and men would

rather go blind for.

Her wardrobe can set any girl's heart ablaze. Utilizing the craft of

mixing high-low pieces, Leandra is a fan of layering without

inhibition. (Pants under skirts? Yes, please.) She's also famous for her

unique take on accessorizing. Her arms are always adorned elbow-deep in

friendship bracelets and anything that

"resembles violent weaponry." She refers to over-sized, thick-framed

specs as

"birth control glasses." And lest we forget her shoes! Girl's

got every it shoe imaginable -- most of which she scores at sample sales

and out-of-season online markdowns. Leandra dresses herself in the name

of wholehearted fashion, and yet, she never takes herself too seriously.

Her undeniably quirky sense of humor, wit, and wacky approach to fashion

are reasons why her blog has garnered so much positive attention. It's

no wonder she's been dubbed "the Sarah Silverman of fashion"-- you'll

laugh out loud at the things inside of her head that are put down to


Soon, I'll have the opportunity for a one-on-one styling session

with The Man Repeller herself. And you can join in on it, too! She

started a revolution with young women across the nation and she's

inviting you to be a part of it right here in Miami. Miami's trés chic

boutique, The Webster will team up

with The Man Repeller for an exclusive styling event Friday, January

13th. If you're a fan (or if I've induced cathartic appreciation of the

style maven), you can purchase tickets to this event. You'll also receive

a complimentary goodie bag worth over $100 and free cocktails. Need I

say more? Actually, I can. You wouldn't want to miss me asking her what

the latest contraceptive-like trends of the moment are.

Tickets are $100. RSVP to the event by emailing customercare@thewebstermiami.com or call 305-673- 5548.

--Vanessa Martin

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.