The Kids Are All Right

We were all teenagers once. So we can all relate to a time we felt ignored, undervalued, unappreciated — and we can all remember making questionable life decisions. Beginning this Sunday, “Teen Miami,” a new exhibit at HistoryMiami (101 W. Flagler St., Miami) puts teenagers in the spotlight for a change. Exploring teen life and culture in Miami through the decades, the exhibit addresses the need for teen voices and experiences reflected in history museum exhibitions, collections, and archives. Learn how Miami’s young people were affected by World War II and the Vietnam War, listen to the sounds created by local teen garage bands and R&B stars of the ’60s, examine the role teenagers played in integrating Miami’s high schools, and view the distinct fashion statements those crazy kids made through the decades (like the ball-hugging bell-bottom jeans your dad wore in his disco phase). The exhibition benefitted from authentic teen perspective, thanks to the 21 Miami-Dade County teenagers who participated in a three-year museum internship program.
Tuesdays-Sundays. Starts: Sept. 25. Continues through June 16, 2012
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Vanessa Martin

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