The Hottest Guys of Miami Beach Gay Pride 2014

Everyone's always talkin' about the hot mamis of Miami, but hello! Have you seen our boys? They're delicious. You just want to scoop them up and lick them all over like ice-cream, especially during Miami Beach Gay Pride. These divas have worked for these bods, and the Gay Pride Parade is the time to show off the goods.

It was all we could do not to touch all the taut abs in sight, but we weren't really feeling a trip to the holding cell, so we refrained. But oh lord, did we look, and now, it's your turn.

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Bathing Bros

Hello, muscles! We'd work out with these three any day. If only a girl could get a break with a well-toned homo.

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Beaded Beauties

All that skin and no hair. It's like these two are begging to be oiled.

Boricua Boys

Sure, it's probably sticky under all that skin-tight black pleather, but the look is well worth it.

Cowboy Cutie

Those eyes are killing us. Can we get a ride, mister?

Dancing Diva

Nothing is better than a man with moves. This one looks like a star. We wouldn't be surprised if he's more than a hand-full.

Friendly Fellas

This group of buddies knows their hot, and you can tell. We bet they shut the club down when they roll this deep.

Headdress Hunk

It's hard not to love yourself when your headgear is so on fire.

Pinnacle Playboys

Um, we'll have three of whatever they're having.

Tropical and Tan

If we can't get a tan like yours, can we at least get yours all over us?

Robin Hood Holler Back

This is some Disney prince shit. Is he even real? How big do you think his dagger is?

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