The Hanging Banker and Other Occupy Art

Because the 99% includes everybody--except of course the blindly über rich--all types of folks are contributing to the movement. Musicians have partnered up to hold demonstrative jam sessions, poets have written endless lines reflecting the 99%'s overall sentiment, and of course, artists have tackled the message the best way they know how, visually.

From publicly humiliated Wall Street bankers to a broke Rich Uncle Pennybags, the Occupy movement has produced some incredible art. And with Art Basel Miami Beach just a month away, we can't help but wonder how much of it will end up right here in our city.

Check out some of our favorite pieces inspired by the Occupy movement after the jump.

7. Carpet Bagging

The Occupy movement has gone international, and at Occupy London, artist K-Guy dropped a "carpet bomb" last month in the form of visual social commentary. Dude has a lot of neat work you should check out.

6. Crocheted Cube

The Alamo, better known by New Yorkers as The Cube, was originally installed in 1967, but last month, Polish-born, American-based artist Olek gave it an Occupy facelift. The artist crocheted the 1,800-pound cube and knitted the words, "I'm still proud of what I do for a living." Take that, business school.

5. Raise Your First

Not sure who designed this poster, but we found it on Adbusters and thought the message literally embodies everything Occupy's about. If you know the artist who designed this, let us know.

4. Rich Uncle Occupier

It was only a matter of time before legendary street artist Banksy got in on the Occupy fun. He recreated the monopoly board with a 99% twist at Occupy London. Rich Uncle Pennybags is now broke, sort of like our dreams.

3. You're Invited

The dude that brought you Hope cordially invites you to Occupy Wall Street. Shepard Fairey channeled '60s Black Power and created this dope poster calling for a peaceful uprising.

2. 23 Wall Street

For a little under a month, the space at 23 Wall Street in New York was occupied by socially-charged art. It housed some of the best visual pieces inspired by the Occupy Movement. Today, however, it houses a Warner Bros. set. How's that for ironic?

1. Death to the Banker

To all the Occupy Miami naysayers, how's this for activism? Street artist Above took a mannequin, dressed him up like a banker, and hung him from a phone line. The mural underneath the suspended body reads "Give a Wall St banker enough rope and he will hang himself." Now bankers know what we feel like.

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