The Halls of Terror: Terrifying Demon Clowns For a Good Cause

When brainstorming ideal haunted house locations, one of the last places you'd think of is Super Wheels (or Hot Wheels, as Miami natives in our 30s know it). And we have to admit that when we were given the assignment to review the Halls of Terror at Super Wheels, we were terrified -- of being cheesed to death.

It just goes to show that you should never judge a scare by its budget. The attraction is not exactly inside Super Wheels, although it does exit directly into the skating rink -- which is actually a pretty cool end to the experience.

There were many scenes, and most were very well done. The only flaw in our opinion was that there were a few volunteers in no makeup whatsoever -- I'd say maybe two people that just jumped out dressed in street clothes without a mask or makeup. Shocked? Yes. Scared? No. Even an Obama mask would have been scarier.

Other than those two oversights, the Halls of Terror is pretty damn scary. One room, the 'clown room' in particular, is terrifying. We almost could not make it through. As for the rest of the scenes, most of the makeup and masks were well done and of good enough quality to scare the skates off of you (We're kidding. It's a walk-through, not a skate-through).

Overall, when you factor in the price, the skate/horror combo package, the proximity to those of us who live down south, and the fact that the proceeds go to DARE, we give it a rating of 8 possessed devil clowns out of a possible 10.

The Halls of Terror at Super Wheels runs every Friday and Saturday as well as October 28, 30, and 31. Admission to the Halls of Terror costs $13, but for $18 you get the scare and skate combo pack. All proceeds benefit DARE. Visit thehallsofterror.com.

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