The Golden Girls Returning to Miami en Español

A new set of Golden Girls is moving to Miami, but this time, like 60 percent of the real-life residents in the county, Spanish will be their mother tongue. ¡Gracias por ser mi amiga!

Disney, which owns the rights to the original, has announced it's moving forward on a remake starring four wise Latinas. The series would be filmed in Caracas, Venezuela, but still set in the Magic City.

The New York Times says the characters might not be named Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia (what, not even Blanca, Dorita, Rosa, and Sofía?) or even be based on those characters, but that the older-women-sharing-a-house plot will remain the same.

Los Años Dorados is the revised title, and Rebecca Jones and Susana Alexander from Mexico, Colombia's Kristina Lilley, and Cuban Lili Rentería have been tapped to star.

Disney is also hoping to get U.S. distribution but hasn't named a network.

[NYTimes: What's Spanish for 'Shady Pines'? 'Golden Girls' to Be Remade En Español]

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