the end/SPRING BREAK Are Setting Up Shop Downtown

Miami's nomadic arts revolutionaries known as the end/SPRING BREAK (2011 Bets of Miami winner for Best Cultural Project) are about to be just a little less nomadic. Organizers Domingo Castillo, Patti Hernandez, and Kiwi Farah are officially setting up shop in a space downtown, where they'll continue to offer an onslaught of eclectic, creative programming and offbeat events.

From Karaoke Speakeasy to cemetery concerts, there's not a lot they haven't covered. And even with a home to call their own, Miamians can still expect to see them popping up all over town.

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"I started at LegalArt and I really enjoyed being in downtown. I started looking to see who was open. There's so much available space in downtown. At the end of the day there are empty offices, empty everything, and the price ranges from super cheap to super expensive. Wynwood has become a beast of a town, so part of it was practical. Part of it is that I'm excited -- it would be nice to have a city center in Miami. So that's essentially what happened, I fell in love with downtown," says Patti Hernandez, co-founder.

While they're still unclear on an opening date, the plans are in the works. Initially, they'll set up a temporary shop as part of a new project.

"I'm doing a project with the Downtown Development Authority (DDA). It's an online radio station called Electric Lunch. Basically it's a performance held out of a storefront. It's gonna be for the next, like, five months, and that opens in February," Hernandez adds.

The station's space, at 176 NE First St., will be the end/SPRING BREAK's temporary headquarters. Later, they plan to move into a permanent space in the lobby of the Dupont Building. While nothing is completely set in stone (few things ever are), those are the current plans.

"We're going to continue to be nomadic, but we're looking for a space where we can possibly have a for-profit bookstore. We'd have a Xerox machine so that we can print PDFs and maybe work with artists on somewhat of a permanent installation or at least something a little more interactive where they can actually work in a space for longer periods of time."

Currently, SPRING BREAK is presenting programs for "New Work Miami" at Miami Art Museum (MAM) through the end of the exhibition in June. Their next event is a film screening of Aguirre: The Wrath of God on a catamaran down the Miami River. Yes, we're serious.

Move over Wynwood, with the addition of the end/SPRING BREAK, the Downtown Art House, MAM, the Arsht Center and DWNTWN Art Days -- not to mention the very strong case for downtown some gallerists have made -- downtown is rapidly becoming Miami's hot headquarters for all things art.

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